10 Great Tips for SMART SEO Copywriting

SEO Copywriting

Are you sure you’re getting your SEO copywriting right? Strategies used by you 5 to 10 years ago are no longer quite as effective today, especially with Google’s new Penguin and Panda updates, which really have raised the bar for web copywriters. It’s no longer good enough to stuff your content with keywords – your content must be highly informative, relevant and lucidly written. In other words, your SEO copywriting must be SMART! We tell you just how to do that! Read on for our 10 great tips for SMART SEO copywriting.

Know your target audience

There is no way for you to write a decent copy if you haven’t a clue about your target audience. Who are you writing for? Ask your client for a reader’s profile document or a customer persona. If that’s not available, sit down with your client, talk to him for an hour, ask him as many questions as you can to find out about the target audience.

Keyword Research is the key

There is no point in just writing your copy based on the trending topic of the day. Keywords are still the building blocks of how things work on the World Wide Web, and you should spend a plenty of time on keyword research. The only way your content gets read is when readers look for it using keywords – make sure you use the right ones. And remember – don’t do your keyword research after writing the copy – always do it before you write the copy.

Make your CTA (Call to Action) simple and easy to follow

You should have a clear cut Call To Action, where you make a suggestion to the reader to do a certain thing, whether to buy a certain product or a hire a service. Your CTA could also involve guiding your readers through the company’s contact information.

Have an effective secondary CTA?

A secondary CTA could mean asking your readers to subscribe for a newsletter or download a PDF file. Often, secondary CTAs generate the most leads. That is why they are critical, but at the same time it is important that they shouldn’t take attention away from the primary CTA.

Don’t confuse your readers

Don’t offer too many choices to your readers. Just offer them a primary and secondary CTA, don’t give them too many options such as a long list of products to consider or links to follow. Just stick to your primary and secondary CTAs, and don’t overwhelm your readers with too much information.

Focus on the benefits

Here’s what people care about most. What are they going to get from your product or service? The benefits. Not the other details. Your copy should always point out how your product or service can make the lives of your readers better, how does it add value to their lives. Your readers may not care for all the details, but they will always want to know what’s in it for them. Focus on that. Have a clickable benefit-rich headline, for instance. That is one of the best SEO copywriting tricks.

Headlines and Subheadlines – make them SMART!

Your headlines should be keyword rich and relevant to your content. Your readers should instantly recognize what’s in your content by seeing your headlines. Don’t try to be too cute with it, don’t mislead your readers. Same goes for your sub headlines.

Are you providing high quality information through your content?

The new updates to Google’s algorithm have made it highly sophisticated and easily capable of weeding out poorly written content that don’t add anything of value to a reader. So, your priority in SEO copywriting should be, is your content informative enough? It is smart enough? Does it add value to the reader, add to his or her knowledge about something?

Shorter sentences, shorter paragraphs

Your content should have a combination of shorter and longer sentences, and no sentence should exceed the 30-word limit. In fact, make that a rule. Cut out sentences that exceed that limit. Same goes for paragraphs. Shorter the better. Remember, your paragraphs should be easy to read, even on smartphones.

Edit and proofread the heck out of your content

Often ignored in SEO copywriting is the importance of a thorough editing and proofreading. Don’t be in a hurry to upload your content immediately after reading it. Run it through a quality proofreading or grammar check tool first. And proofread not once, but twice, at least. Remember, even a single mistake could ruin your whole effort.

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