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About Charles

Charles Wolfenden, owner of Speak To Charles, has over fifteen years experience in web design, web development and SEO. Before founding Speak To Charles he worked for such companies as IPC Media, the Daily Mail Group and (formerly

Charles is a veteran online marketer and content creation specialist, with a complete understanding of social media marketing. He is also an expert in online video creation, and in addition is Adobe Certified.

Client service is at the core of Charles’ mantra; as he is quick to point out to any new member of his team, “without clients you don’t have a business”. He is driven by a passion to provide the finest client experience possible at the most competitive rates, in the knowledge that existing client recommendation will continue to drive his business forward. The majority of the company’s new business comes from word of mouth.

He also thrives on challenges and always adopts an optimistic and positive outlook, no matter how difficult the client’s brief appears to be. As a creative and innovative businessman he takes the view that nothing is impossible, and inspires his team to surmount any apparent obstacles in the pursuit of their objective: the perfect solution for every client.

Speak To Charles offers each client the benefit of the expertise of the whole team, not just an individual. Whatever the project, every member of the team is encouraged to put ideas forward regardless of whether it might seem a little “off the wall” at the time. This way lies innovation.

Competitive Online Strategies

Charles and the team deliver a well thought out online strategy for every project, and offer a comprehensive package of online services at an extremely competitive rate when compared to larger SEO and website development companies. Every website is built to the latest W3C standards at the time of launch and is backed by 24 hour support and a one hundred percent satisfaction record.

Each member of Charles’ team of web developers, designers, SEO experts, and social media specialists has years of experience working on major projects for many big brand names, but is equally at home working on small projects for start-ups.

Projects are tailored to fit the client’s budget and are always delivered within the specified time frame. Charles and the team believe that there is nothing worse than a project that has interminable delays and runs over time, so if that means that they have to work all night to get the job finished on time that is what happens. (It doesn’t always suit wives and families, but the client’s interests are paramount).

The aim of Charles and his team is always for them to be the absolute best at what they do, and the plaudits and recommendations of existing clients bear witness to the fact that they achieve exactly that. However, the one thing that they never do is to rest on their laurels, preferring instead to continue to strive for ever greater success.