Edinburgh Airport’s Gone Glass

Edinburgh Airport Staff Google Glasses

It was revealed today that Edinburgh Airport have been using Google Glass headsets to aid them deal with consumer queries.

Google Glass are smart glasses that when warn relay digital images and information to the person wearing them, they are also able to take video and images.

Airport staff at Edinburgh Airport are experimenting with the new glasses until December. The glasses provide flight times and other information, translations and are able to answer questions about the Edinburgh.

According to the BBC, Chief executive Gordon Dewar believes that the trial showed they were thinking “out of the box”.

The glasses are mainly being used by the check-in team to best analysis how they can best aid the staff.

Mr Dewar also told the BBC that: “The fact that it’s the first trial of its kind in a Scottish airport is exciting as it shows we’re leading the way in how we interact with our passengers.

“Over the next few months we’ll be able to establish whether this product is suitable for an airport environment.”

Edinburgh Airport is Scotland’s busiest airport, dealing with close to 10 million passengers in 2013.