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Services from Speak To Charles

Here at  Speak To Charles we offer a full range of web design, web development and SEO solutions. Please select from the list below to find out more and discover how we can help you make the most of your online marketing.

Creative Web Design

serviceSpeak toCharles if you’re looking for creative web design. All web design is delivered with your brand image in mind and to the highest standards.

Charles and his team work with you to achieve the look and feel you want for your website, whilst remaining flexible at all times to ensure customer satisfaction. We make suggestions and consult with you to achieve your design goals.

Creative Design is a term that is widely misunderstood. Most people think of a creative designer as someone who has some artistic talent, but is not actually an artist. To some extent that is true.

Creative design, however, is much more than that. It involves the use of words and images put together in such a way, whether online or offline, that they achieve a desired end result.In the case of marketing online that desired result is often for the reader to make a purchase, but it might be to get him to join an email list, support a cause, or one of a dozen other objectives.

In each case the job of the creative designer is to use images and words to create web pages with only that end in mind. The idea is to take the reader gently by the hand and lead him where you want him to go.

The designer needs to fully understand the requirements of the client and then use his mind and his artistic talents to create a web page – or many pages – which lead the reader to the desired conclusion.

For example, let’s take a bar of soap. There are many different bars of soap on the market and they have one thing in common: they get you clean. Creating a web page which tells the reader that if he buys this soap he will get clean is not going to produce a huge number of sales.

So the designer will need to come up with ideas that will entice the reader to make a purchase. He may try to make it sexy (“if you buy this soap you will get the girl of your dreams”) but that is hardly original. “If you use this soap twice a day you will be able to fly”. Better, but beyond the realm of probability.

However, hopefully this illustrates the point that creative design is a process which involves thinking outside the box.

Fortunately, at Speak to Charles, creative design is something that we are really very good at.

Responsive Websites (Mobile Friendly)

Responsive Web Design

Speak to Charles if you have an existing website that is NOT mobile friendly. If your website is not responsive to current mobile devices and technologies, then you could be missing out on a huge number of leads for your business. We deliver brand new responsive web design or we’ll revamp your old website and bring it up to current mobile standards.

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is the process of designing web pages so that they are easily readable on many different devices. A web page designed for laptops or PC’s may be almost unreadable on a mobile phone, involving a lot of scrolling and panning and usually finishing with the website visitor becoming irritated with the website. Note that he will become irritated with the website, not the web designer. The last thing you want is visitors who become angry with you because they can’t read your web page.

Your web page needs to be able to be read easily on whatever device your visitor chooses to use. RWD involves designing your web pages so that they are easily viewable on many different devices, mobile phones, iPResponsive Websites (Mobile Friendly)Responsive Websites (Mobile Friendly)ads, tablets, PC’s and so on. This entails using something called a fluid grid which means that the page elements are in relative units such as percentages, rather than in a fixed number of pixels. So whatever device is being used, the page would appear as, for example, 85% of the screen. If all this sounds complicated, that’s because it is. However, you don’t need to worry about it, because responsive design is something that we’re really good at here at Speak to Charles.

Get in touch today by calling us direct or complete the form on the left of this page and we will call you.

Content Management Solutions (CMS)

Content Management Systems

Speak to Charles if you need a way of controlling what goes on your website, without having to go through a web developer each time you want to change something. We build websites that come with a content management system as standard.

When designing your site for you we recommend that it is based on a Content Management System (CMS). This is a template-driven system with a standard look and has the advantage of you being able to easily update your site yourself, if that is what you wish to do.

In addition it means that we can offer you long term support. We have had many cases where we have had to “rescue” a website because a web designer had gone out of business or no longer cared, leaving the website owner unable to make changes to their site.

We can help you implement and configure tools that can assist with different functions on your site such as shopping carts and running forums, all with little or no site modification. These are not necessarily things that you would consider when starting out, but you may very well want to add them to your site one day.

As luck would have it, CMS implementation is another one of the things we’re really good at here at Speak to Charles.

Ecommerce Website Development


Speak to Charles if you want to sell your products and services directly via your website. We have a range of Ecommerce solutions to suite large and small businesses. Our solutions keep search engines in mind and are designed to not only look attractive to the visitor, but to actively rank you on search engines like Google.

If you need to supply goods and services on the internet and take payment for them on your website, you need an ecommerce site.

This means that you will need to incorporate some form of payment application such as a shopping cart, Paypal, or other provider. Ecommerce sites typically use the world wide web at some point in the transaction, although other technologies such as mobile phones, email, and social media all figure as well.

Ecommerce can be subdivided into various headings such as virtual shops (sometimes grouped into virtual malls), trading on various sites such as eBay, email, business to business, EDI (Electronic data Interchange) and so on.

It goes without saying that your ecommerce website must be secure in order for your customers to be comfortable making purchases from you online.

Mobile commerce, or mcommerce, has now also become a big feature, most notably in Japan. It may well surpass ecommerce in the not too distant future, certainly in places such as Asia where there are more mobile phones than there are internet users. If you do business in these areas you will need to take mcommerce into account in the future as well.

Here at Speak to Charles our team are extremely good at building ecommerce websites, no matter how large they may be.


Web Hosting

Speak to Charles if you need a place to host your website from. We can host large and small sites for a very competitive monthly fee. Our web hosting is reliable and full support is given 24/7.

When you consider using a web hosting service, one of the most important things to take into account is the amount of downtime. All servers go down at some point or another and you might think that a server with only 1% downtime was quite good. However, what that means is that your customers and visitors will not be able to log on to your website for an average of an hour and forty minutes each week, or 3.65 whole days a year! Even a server with 99.99% (known as four nines) availability will be out of action for 52.56 minutes a year. When you use web hosting from Speak To Charles you know that you are getting the best of the best. There are several different types of web hosting available and which you choose will depend upon your requirements. If you have a big ecommerce site you will probably want your own dedicated server, which means that you have full control and access (root access in the case of a Linux based server or administrator access for Windows). Then again, you may only need shared hosting where your website is hosted on a server alongside thousands of others. Whatever your web hosting requirements, be sure to discuss them with us so that we can ensure that you get the right plan at the right cost.

Search Engine Optimisation

Speak to Charles if your website needs to be found on Google. This is an area he and the team specialise in and we use only white hat (ethical) methods to achieve great results for our clients. Search engine optimisation doesn’t need to be complicated, often a few simple changes to your existing strategy is all that it takes.

SEO Copywriting

Speak to Charles if you have a running blog (news area) on your website that needs updating on a regular basis. Our team of SEO copywriters are on hand to keep your readers up to date with your company’s developments, or to just create a voice for your brand and keep your clients engaged. Content is also key for any ongoing SEO strategy and will tell search engines, like Google, that your site is current and engaging. With that said we write for humans not machines, so we NEVER keyword stuff or use unethical methods to rank your posts.

Social Media Marketing

Speak to Charles if you want to take your Facebook or Twitter page further. Do you currently have a fan page that shouts all about you or could it do with a revamp? Do you even have a social media presence? Social media is a massive avenue for lead generation and we can manage a campaign for you (do all the donkey work) and deliver a stress free strategy that works for your business.

Online Video

Speak to Charles if you want to explain your products and services via an online video. Adding a video to your website keeps your visitors engaged and is often far more effective that just text alone.

General Free Online Consultation

Speak to Charles if you’re basically at your wits end. If you’ve worked with other web design and SEO companies in the past with little success and your website isn’t performing as it should, then Charles and the team are here to work out what went wrong and work out how to fix your current issues. We’ll go through your whole online approach and come up with solutions that actually work. We never suggest anything that isn’t right for your business and we will always treat you as an individual case. Give us a call today and let’s see what we can do.